Some new golf blogs…

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, October 4th, 2007
Categories: Golf Media

Jesse Ortiz / Bobby Jones

Jesse Ortiz is one of the best golf club designers on the planet. He was the original genius behind the popular Orlimar TriMetal clubs and now is the designer for the awesome Bobby Jones hybrids. I have a couple of the Bobby Jones hybrids and they are sweeeeet. Jesse is blogging now. Jesse’s blog is called “In the studio with Jesse Ortiz” and will be a great resource for insights directly from a big time club designer. I was happy to see Hooked On Golf Blog was already on Jesse’s blogroll!


Since I started The Golf Space, a zillion golf networking sites have popped up. GolfXTZ appears to be another, with a leaning toward member videos. They have a blog section here.

My Golf Buddy

My golf buddy over at has a new member blog section now. So the members of one of the web’s best golf playing partner search sites now have a blog space.

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