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Today is your last chance to watch Tiger Woods for 2.5 months

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, September 30th, 2007
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presidents cupYou’d better sit down and watch some golf today, or at least record it on your DVR.

NBC 12 p.m. ET – 6 p.m. ET

Tiger Woods is appearing for the last time until his Target World Challenge in December. Tiger will be playing my pal and neighbor Mike Weir in his singles match. Man, Tiger will be “Wal-Marting” Mike with his driver. (Wal-Marting is when you knock your drive so far past someone else that a Wal-Mart could fit between the two).

This is obviously NOT the Ryder Cup

The USA team has a huge lead going into today’s singles matches (14.5 to 7.5), and barring a miracle, should cruise to a win. This is definitely not the Ryder Cup.

3 responses to “Today is your last chance to watch Tiger Woods for 2.5 months”

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  2. chrishenry8 says:

    Well, Tony, Tiger really Wal-Marted his drive on 18, didn’t he?!! Actually, I don’t think he often out-drove Weirsy by more than 10 yards or so. Weir’s a little guy but he can punch it out there.

  3. I thought once Tiger started charging Mike was done. But he held on and Tiger did gag it on 18. Perhaps since Tiger never even played 18 until that point and the fact that the cup was pretty much won made Tiger lose a little interest.