HOG HACKED :: I say we torture the bastards, then take them to Detroit

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, September 28th, 2007
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If you stopped by Hooked On Golf Blog earlier today, you would have seen something different. All my content was gone and a single blog post advertising a women’s golf site was here. Someone got in, deleted my content and sent links to ladiesontour dot com. I’ve left out the URL intentionally so that they don’t get any more traffic from here.

If you voted in the new poll, please do so again as some votes were lost.

I’m not one to suggest anything illegal, but I would ask you to NEVER send any traffic, visit, or do business with these jerks who would do such a thing. Don’t go to their site, don’t support them. I hope their in-box is full and their server is melted down with erectile dysfunction spam. Karma baby.

Oh here’s the hacker’s IP address:
If you know how to protect your own site, block that IP! IF you can edit your own .htaccess file on your server, put this line in there:

deny from

If you have a c-panel you can go to “IP Deny” and put that IP in there.

Backup your own site now

Oh here’s an opportunity for me to remind you to backup your site. My sites’ databases all automatically back themselves up every night. So I didn’t lose anything. Go back your own site up now! You’ll be glad you did.

4 responses to “HOG HACKED :: I say we torture the bastards, then take them to Detroit”

  1. Mike Pedersen says:

    I’ll definitely be doing that asap! Glad to see your site’s back up. Do you have a back up of it?

  2. Ladiesontour.com says:

    Hi Tony

    I have just, today, discovered your above comments. I own and run http://www.ladiesontour.com and I posted an article on “Ladies Golf needs you” back in Sept. I should assure you that there was no intention to hack anything on our blog…..assuming you are referring to my article and nothing else of which I am unaware. I merely registered as a new member through WordPress boxes located through this site and it threw me into a facility upon which to enter content. I am not familiar with establishing blogs and what I attempted to do (albeit may well have been erroneous) was through online screen guidance and straight forward logic of using the Word Press facility and there was and is no malice intended. I don’t recall anything being deleted by me and if there has been inconvenience then I whole-heartedly apologise.

    Perhaps if you had written directly to me upon discovering this unfortunate issue this could have been explained and we could have retraced my progress through the site to avoid this happening in future rather than publically slagging me and my site off – did it ever occur that this could actually be a genuine error? Clearly from my part it is evident that there is either a bug in the system or the process as I genuinely have absolutely zero experience in programming or hacking. …..I run a legal and successful website that has been established to promote ladies professional golf worldwide and am not taken to doing things in an underhand manner.


  3. Many things had to happen for this to occur. All of my content was deleted. You apparently went through the entire wordpress site setup process, naming the site with your name, setting admin passwords, setting yourself up as the admin… I find it unlikely that this happens by accident. If you are speaking the truth, then someone else would have had to hack my site, deleted everything and then installed wordpress. At that very moment you then would have gone through quite a lengthy and detailed process of setting up the site with your name and links to your site.

    I saw the IP logs from your IP and saw the ADMINISTRATION pages being accessed. ADMINISTRATOR?

    I’m confused.

  4. “Many things had to happen for this to occur. ”

    It only takes one bug to set things off and as you are well aware Word Press, like all other software out there is released in beta form almost always before being rendered stable, that much I do know. I had never previously used Word Press and as said earlier had followed what appeared to be a logical process, and genuinely cannot recall deleting anything. I merely thought I was entering a blog on a public blogging site. My own site is Joomla based and one needs no programming experience nor programming talent to create it. I truly wouldn’t know where to start to try and hack anything. Frankly, if I were a hacker then I certainly wouldn’t have bothered to write to you as I did yesterday when I discovered the problem and nor would I have openly published such. Regardless, I apologise for the inconvenience caused to you and your readers and there isn’t much more I can do or say other than that.

    If I as a complete novice can allegedly ‘hack’ your site that easily I would suggest that perhaps your whole system is insecure and requires attention.






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