Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
Categories: Life

I’ve been extremely busy the last week or so. While sipping my coffee this morning it just dawned on me that today is 9/11.

I was hit very hard by 9/11, first in my business and then later in my personal life. The recession following 9/11 was a large contributing factor in my shutting down a business I’d built for over 20 years. For the next two months after the attacks, my business phone didn’t ring…once. After that it was sparse. When it did ring, it was bill collectors.

It pained me first to have to fire my one great employee and then eventually sell my building and shut down. I’m thankful I wasn’t one of the ones who had a loved one or friend die on 9/11, but little did I know how different my future would be after that.

I tip my golf hat to all those affected by 9/11 in one way or another.

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