Boo Weekly fouls up Sergio Garcia’s score card…again

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, September 5th, 2007
Categories: Pro Tips

Sergio Garcia signed an incorrect score card and was disqualified from the 2007 PGA Championship. Boo Weekly was the one who was keeping score.

Last week at the Deutsche Bank Championship those two were paired up and sure enough, Weekly screwed up Sergio’s card again. This time Sergio caught it and corrected it before any damage was done.

So at this point you have to wonder if Boo is just messing with Sergio or is he really a bonehead?

7 responses to “Boo Weekly fouls up Sergio Garcia’s score card…again”

  1. Luke S. says:

    I know my scorecard is wrong at least 50% of the time, so I think it’s just the nature of the beast.

  2. marvtauf says:

    Why in the world do we make the golfers keep their own score? We have roving score keepers. The NBA, NFL, MLB etc don’t make the players keep score. It is time to get with the times!

  3. It’s part of the game and being honorable. That’s a huge part of golf.

  4. Miranda says:

    I agree, it’s part of the game that they keep their own scores. And occasionally the tv people also get it wrong. But if I was Sergio, I’d be smacking Boo. Makes you wonder how many scorecards Boo’s messed up that weren’t Sergio’s. I’d say the word is out about him now and everyone will be doublechecking their scorecards.

    And really, does Sergio need any additional help to lose? I love Sergio, but he needs some new strategy or practice program or something. Is anyone else surprised when you see his rankings (money list/Fed Ex Cup list) – because other the British Open, it doesn’t really seem like he’s done much this year, but he must have had some good results somewhere.

  5. marvtauf says:

    I agree that it is about being honorable, and that part must stay in the game; but as we see, they aren’t keeping their own scores anyway, their playing partners are. By the way Tony, I just found your site, and I love it. Great job!

  6. Thanks marvtauf. Checking your scores (scored by someone else) and signing your card is big. There’ve been some HUGE DQ’s in the past in golf’s history.

  7. wantes says:

    Sergio was second this year in the Players Championship and the British Open. He scored 3rd in the World Championship. He achieved another two top 10s this year. Is this really “not doing much”? Boo Weekly has achieved only 4 top 10s, but he has demonstrated very much this year that his IQ must me around the 30s.





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