Help me interview NXT hater Ian MacAllister! Submit your questions!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, August 21st, 2007
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titleist nxt ian macallisterThe famous Titleist NXT critic Ian MacAllister has accepted my request for an interview:


I welcome the opportunity and thank you for your quick response. I look forward to chatting about golf, GDAD, the abolition of the NXT and all things Ian.



I plan to give Ian 5-10 questions about technology, golf, NXT’s, living in his mother’s basement or whatever. I’m asking YOU to comment in questions for Ian. I’ll pick the best ones and submit them.


8 responses to “Help me interview NXT hater Ian MacAllister! Submit your questions!”

  1. Philip says:

    Golf has always had technological advances from when it was played with a stick and a leather ball. How far does Ian want to go back to be pure to his “no technological advances” thing? Just becase the “technological advance” was with techology now years (or even centuries) obsolete, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a techonological advance at the time. What’s so different about our using today’s technology advances to improve our game? In both cases, the advances are always kept in check by the Rules Committee which will prevent unfair advantage (like if the NXT was too good of a golf ball to be recognized for the game of golf). Even Ian’s finely-crafted persimmon wood and trusty niblick were technologically on the cutting edge when introduced. I see it as Ian has only two choices–give up this no technology thing, or go back to stick and leather ball. By the way, he’ll have to use that stick and leather ball on a field cut with a scythe since the lawnmower is another one of those dreaded technological advances.

  2. tymac says:

    Tell him that the carpet at Auchtermuchty Golf club would like its jacket back.

  3. kirsten says:

    It would be interesting to know where he draws the line . . .

  4. Kristen asks:

    I know he’s the “anti” NXT guy, but I’d like to ask him which ladies golf ball is the “worst” with technology?

  5. Eat Golf says:

    Just a guess but I bet he draws the line along the seam 🙂

  6. SnakeEye11 says:


    I’m curious about what happened in Ian’s past to make him the way he is. Was there one defining moment that made him so bitter? Did he have a promising career as a player at one point? Did he choke to lose a big tournament and now he hates to see anyone play well? Or maybe some good player (or worse yet, a mediocre player) went really low on a course he designed? Very interesting guy from a psychological perspective.

  7. SnakeEye11 says:


    I had a couple additional questions for Ian:

    1. How did he come to live with his mother, and in Southern California of all places?

    2. What are his fondest memories from golf? His worst memories?

    3. What amendments would he make to the current Rules of Golf in order to return the game to a state that he would be comfortable with?

    4. What are some of his favorite swing/playing tips?

    5. Could he describe his approach to course design?

    Look forward to his responses…