A day in the life of a golf course

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, August 21st, 2007
Categories: Miscellaneous
reo speedwagon road crew busreo speedwagon road crew bus


Early this morning I hear the sound of a diesel engine running in the parking lot across the street. It was running all morning. That engine was in the bus in the pic on the left. Who’s buss is it? REO Speedwagon’s road crew. They’re in town to do a gig and the crew apparently golfs. That singer for REO Speedwagon sure had a thing for his R’s. “Forrrreverrrrrr” I still remember…


The pic on the right was taken about 12 hours later in front of #3 tee. It seems some aholes where messing around with carts and apparently drove on a green before driving the cart in the canal. The driver of the cart ran off but his friend was busted by the cops. The maintenance crew had to come down at 9:30pm with a tractor to pull the cart out of the canal.

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