Look out Jack, Tiger Woods wins 13th major

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, August 13th, 2007
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Tiger Woods 2007 PGA ChampionshipThe “Major” season is over. How sad. To me that means the golf season is almost done and I’ll be looking out the window in a few months dreaming of when the snow will melt and I can get back out on the course…

Tiger Woods: 2007 PGA Champion

Last week at Firestone I said Tiger looked as good as ever. I mentioned that I doubted he’d get a major with this year until last week and then I changed my tune. Most people expected Tiger to run away with the PGA yesterday and he almost did, especially after shooting his best major score with a 63 on Saturday. But Ernie Els and especially the fireball Woody Austin made it interesting.

Tiger has five more major victories to go before he ties Jack Nickaus’ record of 18. I figure Tiger is good for about 1.5 majors per year so in 3-4 years we’ll have a new record holder.

Woody Austin is great

I loved Woody Austin’s press conference. He got on the press’ case about the way they describe him versus Tiger. He essentially called them on the fact that when he gets mad on the course he’s a “loose cannon” but when Tiger gets mad he’s got “competitive fire.” He also pointed out how stupid it is when they say Tiger hates making bogey worse than anyone else on tour. He said “so all the other players on tour like making bogey?” I love it when players like that point out how stupid some of the media can really be.

Tiger Woods baby

Tiger Woods Baby 2007 PGA

Tiger’s baby Sam Alexis attended her first tournament. So dad is 100% in major wins when his baby daughter is there. She was wearing a red Nike shirt just like pop.

2 responses to “Look out Jack, Tiger Woods wins 13th major”

  1. spicytimes says:

    Thanks for being one of us that noticed Woody was not crying about losing. He made several valid points about the media being stupid at times. Great blog.

  2. tymac says:

    Nice call on Woody Austin’s comment. I didn’t hear him make them but it sounds like he was right on.
    As far as Tiger chasing what Nicklaus achieved; I thought the record was unattainable at first but it doesn’t look like anyone mentioned that to Tiger. That said, the way he swings he better do it before he’s 35 because I can’t see that type of swing lasting (not that it is anything other than a great and powerful swing – it’s just not built for longevity).





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