Scorecard Caddie

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, August 3rd, 2007
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If you’re like me, you probably save a bunch of golf scorecards randomly stored all over. They’re in boxes in the garage, drawers, folders, the car and many random locations throughout my place. I’ve got some cool cards from some pretty special golf places, like St. Andrews. Some of them have gotten trashed from having other junk piled on them or from just being shoved in a drawer.

Scorecard Caddie

Enter the Scorecard Caddie. The Scorecard Caddie is an elegant storage case for your scorecards. You can keep them all in the same place and keep them protected.


The outside of the caddie is a nice forest green color and slightly padded. It would show nicely on a coffee table or in a bookshelf.

scorecard caddieInside

The inside of the caddie has many different pages with varying configurations to store just about every possible size score card. There are a total of 40 pages, capable of holding 220 score cards.


Refills are available for the album as well so when you fill up your current album you can add more pages.

Custom Logos

Custom imprinting onto the cover of the Scorecard Caddie is also available for those corporate giveaways, goodie bags and tournament prizes.


I’m thrilled to have a Scorecard Caddie to store all my special score cards. I’ve got a ton of cards in it already and it’s not even half full. Every time I play a new course or shoot another round in the 60’s (like a couple of days ago), I can’t wait to file my card in the Scorecard Caddie.

More images of the Scorecard Caddie can be found here.

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