Titleist and Ian MacAllister debut NXTube.com

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, August 2nd, 2007
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As mentioned two posts ago in the Hooked On Golf Blog NXT Tour golf ball review, there are new versions of the NXT golf ball from Titleist just hitting the shelves. I love the funny Ian MacAllister ads on TV for the “wreched NXT” golf ball.

Titleist is now utilizing a marketing area we bloggers and golf web geeks have known about for a long time, the underground web genre of blogs and other online communities. YOU can join Ian MacAllister in condemning the NXT golf ball.


Titleist now has an entire site for Ian MacAllister and the NXT golf balls. There are real blogs (except for blogrolls), videos, live webcams of Ian and more. There is even a section where YOU can upload videos to NXTube in the hopes that Titleist and Ian will like them enough to show them online or maybe even on TV!

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One response to “Titleist and Ian MacAllister debut NXTube.com”

  1. Dear Mr. Korologos,

    I’d like to thank you very much for publicizing GDAD’s efforts to abolish the vile NXT Tour and NXT Extreme golf balls. However, I must take exception with your insinuation that my NXTube.com interweb site is nothing more than a front for my arch-enemies in the Titleist Marketing department. Forgive my bluntness, Mr. Korologos, but (as long as we’re all making accusations) I noticed that your little hookedongolfblog enterprise has a decidedly pro-technology bent. I’ve noticed that laser putter alignment systems and space-age polymer training aids leave you giddy as a schoolgirl. But you offer nary a single review of a finely-crafted persimmon wood or trusty niblick. For shame! I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that the black-hearted hedonists at Titleist are funding your dark hookedongolf endeavors themselves!! How’s the weather down there in the Black Script pocket, Tony? I’ll bet that NXT shrine you’ve erected in your livingroom is quite lovely. It’s all so marvelous for you isn’t it ? Helping people to attain that which should remain forever out of reach. Having fun destroying golf, are ye? The thought of you makes me physically ill!

    Of course, I could be over-reacting in which case I humbly recant. Thanks again for the (mostly) positive feedback (excepting, of course, your heretofore-mentioned libelous inaccuracies). So in closing, allow me to assure you that my quest is real and my intentions pure. Join my crusade! Down with NXT! Ban the yellow and black!

    Good day!

    Ian MacCallister

    President, Founding Member






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