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Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, July 30th, 2007
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Glove GrabberI did a post a few days ago about HOG friend The Glove Grabber being featured on Fore Inventors Only on The Golf Channel. I hadn’t had a chance to really write up the product yet because I was just getting it into play. Now I’ve had a chance to use my Golf Grabber for a while so here it is.

The Glove Grabber Concept

The Glove Grabber concept is simple. It gives you a place to hang your golf (or other sport) gloves for them to dry. Wet gloves don’t work as well. Wet gloves wear out many times faster than dry ones. If you are in a really sweaty situation you can rotate two or even three gloves on your Glove Grabber to ensure you always have a dry glove for that crucial shot in the club championship.

On The Course

I’ll admit I don’t wear a glove, but today was a good day to wear one. It’s about 100 degrees here and though there usually isn’t a lot of humidity here, there was today. I was on the range practicing for my big match coming up in a couple of days. I was sweating so bad the brim of my hat was dripping.

I used two gloves and when one got wet I hung it on my Glove Grabber and then used the dry one. I rotated gloves for a good two hours. By the end, both gloves were dry.

Other Uses

I have another idea for the Glove Grabber. Some of my golf towels have Velcro for mounting the towel on the golf bag. In rainy conditions when you are using an umbrella you could use a Velcro towel and hang the Glove Grabber from the inside of your umbrella. That way you don’t have to hang your towel on the support arms of the umbrella and go through all that hassle of getting them hung and taking them down.


It’s hard to write a 1500 word review on a Velcro strap. That being said, the Glove Grabber is a great implementation of a simple and great idea which will preserve your gloves and help save you strokes.

Corporate entities could use the Glove Grabber for promotion and giveaways by screening their information on the flat side.

One response to “The Glove Grabber”

  1. Riverfarm says:

    I was fortunate to meet Jimmy “DQ” a few years ago when playing at the World Am in Myrtle beach. He gave me and my wife a “prototype” of his new glove grabber. I am proud to say it is still hanging on my golf bag and still serving it’s purpose. It is a no brainer just stick it and forget it.





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