17 year old “prodigy” female golfer breaks par. zzzzz

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, July 27th, 2007
Categories: LPGA Tour

Would you believe that a 17 year old golfer who hasn’t broken par in roughly a year, gets to play on the LPGA Tour AND the PGA Tour? It amazes me. That “prodigy” (at least that’s what Fox Sports calls her) just broke par for the first time in her last 24 rounds at the Evian Masters.

“I’m very happy. That’s my first round under par this year. It’s a bit of a breakthrough.”

Pardon me, but breaking par is a breakthrough for hacks like me who shoot in the mid to low 70’s and fire an occasional 71. Breaking par for the “female version of Tiger Woods,” or “prodigy,” or “phenom” should be old hat.

Can we stop with the idiotic descriptions like this until said prodigy wins something? A game of tic-tac-toe perhaps?

6 responses to “17 year old “prodigy” female golfer breaks par. zzzzz”

  1. gripgolf says:

    I have a very warm spot for this girl. I basically posted my my don’t blame Michelle Wie manifesto on my Blog today. Blame that nutty father and whatever crappy management kept getting her on PGA tour sponsor exemptions. I encourage you to check it out.

  2. Eat Golf says:

    is she 17 already dang! I remember first hearing about her when she was 12 or 13 and could hit it over 300 and shoot good scores – She was a prodigy then for sure but it appears her prodigyness has gone way down hill and perhaps back to the pack.

    I bet she’s learned a lot over those 4 years though

    gripgolf’s blog post from the comment above:

  3. I’m adding prodigyness to my dictionary…

  4. dnalor53 says:

    I’m sure a lot of you folks would agree that she should have a professional as a manager, someone who understands what it takes to to be in her capacity. Had her parents considered this a while back, she would not be in this predicament she is in right now. She thinks that she’s God’s gift to women’s golf ( I’m sure this coming from her parents) Zero wins since she turned pro??? 🙁 She has the potential however, it is unfortunate that her parents cannot tap that talent.. I say stay in school and I’m sure you’ll be successful, that is if her parents will let her….

  5. Yes dnalor53 I would agree. She needs a professional management team and she needs a couple of years to mature a bit.

  6. Cookie817 says:

    I think she has been exploited more as a model for women’s golf products…what woman wouldn’t like to be tall, thin and young and look that great in clothes and still be able to play a decent game…and yes, I agree she needs professional management…parents mean well, but they are not trained to run a golfer’s profession.





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