HOG Friend Gets On The Golf Channel’s “Fore Inventors Only”

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, July 19th, 2007
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf Equipment

Glove Grabber on The Golf ChannelI’m currently evaluating no less than 20 golf products. Four more arrived today. Whew, man I need a raise!

One of the products I’m testing right now is the Glove Grabber by Jim Paradise. It’s a small Velcro based strap which hangs from your bag like a golf towel. The Velcro holds your golf gloves so they can air out on the side of your golf bag. On hot days you can rotate gloves easily, making the gloves last longer and always insuring you have a dry glove.

My full review will be coming shortly but until then I’d like to make you aware that Jim’s product is on THE GOLF CHANNEL! It’s on the “Fore Inventors Only” show. Do a pal a favor and head to this link and give Jim’s product a positive vote for his product RIGHT NOW:


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