I guess I need a moving target

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, July 9th, 2007
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golf range ratYesterday I picked up a golf club for the first time in almost two weeks. The damn back has been really causing problems lately.

So I’m loosening up on the range, trying to figure out what kind of gimpy swing I can manage. While loosening up and realizing it may finally be my time to play again, my pal Grant (pic) jumps into the range tractor. Not being one to squander an opportunity I began to take aim at Grant.

First I hit a 56 degree wedge but put the ball way back on my right foot and hit a British Open punch shot. BAM! Nailed the tractor. When Grant turned around I did it again and BAM, nailed him again.

As Grant got farther away, traversing the range, I clubbed down until I finally ended up with a 6-iron. I kept hitting those punch shots and I nailed Grant’s tractor SIX times in a row. NO misses.

To thank Grant for his patience with me I decided to make him famous (or infamous as the case may be) and post his pic here.

Someone please tell me why I can hit a 10 foot wide moving target but I can’t hit an 8000 square foot green?

SO I take my GS (granny swing or gimp swing) onto the course to see if I can play. I shoot -2 on the back. Hmm… If I take too weeks off and come back with a gimpy swing I shoot better than when I’m 100%. I guess I’ll never figure out this game…

One response to “I guess I need a moving target”

  1. Cal says:

    If you could figure it out, you’d be playing a The Masters 😉