Happy blogday GolfGrouch and EatGolf

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, July 5th, 2007
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The Golf Grouch, one of the best and first golf blogs to hit this planet, is now three years old. Grouchy has a good system. He posts about 1 REALLY good post per week which gets lots of good comment action and stirs lots of excellent debate in his comment thread.

The Grouch is a class act and I light up a cigar and tip back a frosty beverage in a toast to his golf blog quality and longevity. Here here Golf Grouch.


EatGolf.com‘s 3 year blogday is just a few days after Grouchy’s. Anyone who has frequented this blog knows the HOG and EAT are the best of golf blog friends. Rich (Mr. Eat himself) you could say, was my golf blog mentor and has given me tons of great blog and web advice. I don’t think I’ll take his advice on picking up chicks though. I don’t want to have to frequent the emergency room and have my house burned down. But you gotta hand it to Eat because the chicks do really seem to dig the golf geek angle.

7 responses to “Happy blogday GolfGrouch and EatGolf”

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  2. golfmobster says:

    I enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up!


  3. Eat Golf says:

    Heh – yesterday I’m all, why the heck isn’t my email working?? Gosh I hope the site is okay *goes and checks eatgolf.com* Nope! Down – hold it? This is July! When did I start eat again? Dang! It has been another year so I need to pay the annual web hosting. I paid it this morning so even though eatgolf is down yesterday and today it should pop back up for another year any time now 🙂

    Thanks Tony and Congrats on three years Grouchy – one of the very best for sure! As for the chicks Tony – All girls just love talking about computers and golf!

  4. golfgrouch says:

    Tony, thanks so much for the recognition and kind comments. I’m glad that the golf blog community is so supportive with kind individuals like yourself.

    You maintain one of the best golf blogs in cyberspace. It is one of the few that I visit daily because you update it with such great content so frequently!

    I hope that we get to play a round of golf sometime. Maybe a golf blog scramble? Give me and Rich a call the next time you visit LA.

    As for Rich, are you sure those were chicks he was picking up? J/K! Congrats to my buddy Rich who is truly a good guy who has helped me with my blog as well.

  5. Come to think of it grouch you may have a point. Rich what gives? How do we know for sure?

  6. Congrats on the the 3 years of successful golf blogging. I’m just getting started and hope to have a fraction of the success of these great blogs.

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