Fancy Tees

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, June 29th, 2007
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This is part six of Hooked On Golf Blog‘s “Tee Week” special.

Fancy Tees

Designed by Lorenzo Bonfanti

Fancy Tees are designed by famous Italian designer Lorenzo Bonfanti. An entertaining design quote from the description on one of the tee packages (obviously a rough attempt at converting Italian to English): “What characterizers these tees is the innovative design, the bright matched colours, and the unusual graphic and chromatic effects.” Just what I need from my golf tees! OK then.

fancy golf tees

Two Piece Construction

Fancy Tees are a variation of the standard golf tee, made of two materials. The shaft of the tee is made of a rigid plastic, while the head of the tee is made of a soft rubber. The soft head gives the tee a “soft” feel.


Fancy Tees come in about 48 different color combinations between shaft and head. There are 32 combinations with colored shafts and 16 combinations with metallic gray shafts. Picking a tee to use on the first tee is an ADD person’s paradise.

CLICK HERE for the HOG Fancy Tee Photo Gallery.

On The Course

I liked using the fancy tees on the course but I didn’t find that my drives went any farther than with conventional wooden tees.

Tee Compact Case

Below is a video of the Fancy Tee case. This case reminds me of a makeup compact. I imagine this case would probably be a little more popular with the lady golfers. What I do like about the compact tee case is that your tees won’t poke you or poke holes in your pocket.

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