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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, June 27th, 2007
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This is the third installment of Hooked On Golf Blog’s “Tee Week” theme.

brush teeBrush Tee

An old friend of mine who lost a battle with cancer a year or so ago used to swear by his Brush Tees. He religiously teed off with his and usually put his drives right down the center of the fairway.

When the Brush-T came out a few years ago you couldn’t tune into The Golf Channel or a golf broadcast without seeing an ad for Brush-T.

The Concept

The bristles of the brush tee allow the ball to be launched with very little resistance from the tee itself. According to Brush-T, the tee reduces resistance and spin to improve distance by 3.2 to 7 yards. Their site doesn’t claim any help with accuracy like the Zero Friction tee does.

On The Course

One thing I do like about the Brush-T and many others which have a similar design, is that you are able to tee the ball up at the same height every time. I often get myself into a mental battle over just how high to tee the ball up.

I didn’t notice any increase in distance or accuracy with the Brush-t but I did feel confident I’d hit a good shot.


The problem with the Brush-t is that when the tee launches far from the tee box, you can spend a lot of time looking for it. This is especially the case when there is heavy brush or deep grass near the tee box. With the cost of these tees, you’ll hang around the tee box for a long time looking for lost Brush-t’s.

I’m confused about one thing their site says: “It provides a natural strike, similar to hitting off the grass.” Now I thought you used tees so you could get a clean strike and less resistance than grass? Tee it up to get it off the grass with a tee that makes it like grass… I’m confused!

Models Available

2″ or 52mm in overall height for fairway woods and hybrids.

2.2″ or 57mm in overall height.

2.4″ or 62mm in overall height for oversized woods and drivers.

3.125″ or 79mm in overall height for those monstrous big headed drivers.


I didn’t find the Brush-T added 30 yards to my drives, increased my accuracy, or shaved strokes off my game. But I did find I liked how I could tee it up the same way every time. I also liked the fact that I had one tee in my pocket, rather than a handful.

At about $2.50 per tee though, I didn’t like having to go on a tee search with my pals to find one when it flew too far. “Hey Bob it’s been five minutes. It’s time to abandon that lost tee and play your provisional tee.”

Pick up Brush-T at Edwin Watts Golf.

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