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Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, June 17th, 2007
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Hole 1:

Tiger Woods starts out on #1 two shots behind Aaron Baddeley. After Aaron Baddeley makes a TRIPLE bogey Tiger is tied for the lead leaving the 1st green. Baddeley ends up one behind Tiger. He had a major gag on the first hole. I feel bad for him.

3:25pm ET
Hole 2:

Tiger takes out driver to drive the 307 yard par four. I thought it was too much club and yes it was. Tiger flew his shot to pin high and ended up in the back trap with an impossible downhill lie. Tiger managed to keep his bunker shot on the green and two putt. Par-par start for Tiger. Will he do his usual steady major play and let the field melt down around him? So far so good.

Baddeley tees off with an iron and hits a decent shot to the green. Par.

3:40pm ET:

Tiger spits the fairway with an iron. Tiger flares his approach over the green right to a collection area and has a tough chip shot coming back up. Angel Cabrera bogeys #6. Baddeley hit an even worse shot than Tiger and is way over the green back right. Baddeley and Tiger are both short sided. Baddeley hit a great shot to 3-4 feet.

OH MY Tiger just bladed his chip over the green to the opposite fringe! OH MY Tiger just chunked his 2nd chip. These are the TWO WORST shots I’ve seen Tiger hit!??? WTF? OH MAN! Tiger just gagged on his bogey putt! He’s still 5-6 feet short for DOUBLE!?? WTF???? Tiger made the double putt. Man how unbelievable.

3:55pm ET:

Steve Stricker and Stephen Ames are tied for the lead at +4. Tiger and Badds are in the fairway on #4, a 600+ yard par five.

4:00pm ET:

Geoff Ogilvy finishes attempting to defend his 2006 victory. He finished this year at +19. I don’t think a 5 handicapper would break 100 on this course.

4:12pm ET:

Tiger birdies the par five 4th and Badds pars. Tiger moves to 2nd place behind solo leader Stephen Ames.

Stephen Ames ends up in the right hand bunker on the par three 6th. Tiger tees off with an iron on #5 but still goes into the rough. Badds tees off win an iron and stripes it down the middle.

Angel Cabrera birdies #8 and is tied for the lead, at least until Ames likely makes bogey or worse. Tiger’s approach from the rough on five is short in long grass. Badds his a good shot and has a birdie opportunity. Ames dumps his bunker shot in the long rough and then dumps his rough shot back in the bunker. He’s looking at a double or a triple.

4:22pm ET:

Cabrera is in the rough on #9. He’ll have the lead by himself, temporarily… Tiger hacks it out of the rough and has a tough but makable par putt.


Cabrera has the solo lead. Tiger, one shot behind, drains a great and lengthy putt for par. Cabrera has to hack out of the rough to the fairway.


Tiger is in the left trap on the par three 6th. Badds hits a good shot to the center of the green. Cabrera is on in three on seven but has a near impossible par putt. Cabrera’s putt goes painfully long and now he’s got a tough bogey putt. If Tiger can get up and down he’ll have the lead again.


Cabrera bogeys and there’s now a five way tie for first between Woods, Cabrera, Stricker, Ames and Baddely. Furyk is now ONE shot behind and has had literally no airtime. Ames is now turning #7 into a train wreck after going into the rough a third time.

Tiger fist pump spotted

Tiger does his first fist pump after making a clutch par putt on the 6th hole. Badds barely misses a putt on #6 which would have given him the lead.


Stephen Ames is melting down. He just hit is 4th shot over the green into the rough again. He triples and goes from tied for the lead to trailing by three! Woa. Stricker pars #9 and is still tied for the lead. Badds’ tee shot is in knee high rough on the 7th. He has to hack out. Maybe he should take an unplayable lie? He can’t get his practice swings through it. …OK he’s out.


Tiger from the fairway bunker 181… He’s 12-15 feet on the green on #7 in two. Badds hits a good shot from the greenside bunker. Furyk just bladed a shot from 150 over the 10th hole. WTF? Tiger makes a tentative stroke for birdie and makes par on #7. Badds makes double bogey on #7 and drops two shots out of the lead.


Three way tie for the lead between Woods, Cabrera and Stricker. Cabrera just stuck one close on 11 and should make birdie to take the outright lead. Stricker has about a 70 foot putt for par which he just hit 55 feet. Soon we’ll have Tiger in solo 2nd and Cabrera in the lead. … Stricker hit his 15 foot putt 14 feet. He’s two shots back now.


Badds bogeys eight. Cabrera has the lead. Furyk has a major pull on 11 and misses the green into deep rough. Tiger tees off on nine with a 3-wood, hitting a stinger into the fairway. Cabrera tees off on the 12th, a 667 yard par five. His drive is GIANT. It looks to be well over 350 yards. …397 yards.


Stricker makes his 2nd double in a row and is five shots behind after being tied for the lead a few minutes ago. Tiger tees off on #10 with an iron. Tiger hit a one hander but he’s OK. There’s separation in the leaderboard now. Cabrera and Tiger are one and two. Cabrera missed a short birdie putt on 12…


Cabrera hits a great shot on to about 15 feet on the par three 13th. Tiger misses a birdie putt on 10 way low and the ball ends up pretty far from the hole. Baddeley is now dissolving. He’s +7 after 10 holes today. Tiger makes his five foot par putt with a very solid stroke on #10.


Tiger bogeys and Cabrera lights up a ciggie. He’s leading by two now.


Cabrera goes pin hunting and nearly holes out on hole #15. He hits an incredible shot from 169 and nearly jars it! Kick in birdie.


Cabrera birdies and is THREE shots ahead. Tiger misses a birdie putt on #12 and has a tough par putt again.


Tiger hits a great shot on #13 to birdie range, 5-6 feet. Tiger misses and sends it fairly far by. He could have put some pressure on Cabrera but no. Cabrera on #16 has a putt of about 10 feet for par which he misses. So had Tiger made that short birdie he would have closed it to one stroke instead of two.


Furyk nearly birdies #16 which would have tied him for the lead. Cabrera’s approach shot on #17 goes long but stays out of the real deep rough. He gives himself a tough eight footer for par… Tiger is putting for birdie on #14, it was a double breaker which barely missed.


Cabrera bogeys and is now tied with Furyk for the lead. Tiger hits another one handed shot but his tee shot on #15 manages to get a lucky bounce and stay out of the deep rough. Furyk tees of on #17 and goes into the worst, deepest rough on the course. Fasth posts +7 with a birdie on #18 and is the leader in the clubhouse. Bubba Watson birdies #16 and is at +7.


Furyk’s shot is heavy and he advances it a few feet. He’s still in the long stuff. Tiger short sides himself on #15 by going right of the green. He’s got a tough up-and-down coming up. Not bad but still 6-8 feet for par. Tiger makes a clutch par and Furyk bogeys. Cabrera is now in the solo lead again with a birdie putt which barely misses. He makes par and is in the clubhouse now at +5. Tiger and Furyk need to birdie to catch him. Tiger has 16-18 to play at -1 to go into a playoff and Furyk has to birdie the tough #18.


Cabrera has posted his +5. Tiger pars 16 with a nice par putt. Furyk finishes one shot off the lead at +6. The heartbreak for Furyk. Stricker’s hopes are gone.


Tiger takes his 3-wood on #17. His tee shot is in the green side bunker on this 307 yard par four. Oh where is Aaron Baddeley? The TV coverage hasn’t shown him in about two hours!


Tiger hits out of the bunker on #17. His ball ran a bit too far and rolled right into a HOLE in the fringe. He’s got a terrible lie in the fringe. He’s got the flag stick out…. The chip missed and went about 6 feet too long. H’es got to make this putt and birdie #18. YES. He still has a chance.


Tiger is in the 1st cut. His approach is a little long. BUT he has a birdie putt to TIE. Baddely makes par on #18 and manages to shoot 80. Welcome to the final group in the U.S. Open.


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