U.S. Open Saturday

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, June 16th, 2007
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I just drove about 500 miles home from Primm. Yesterday I played the Lakes course in 108 degree temps. The courses at Primm are awesome. A report and course review is forthcoming.

When I got home tonight the phone was ringing. A guitar player friend of mine was doing a small gig with his band outside and their drummer was barfing his guts out. So 20 minutes after I got home, I threw my Zendrum and my laptop in the car and ran up to do a gig. The gig turned out great and I did fairly well considering I had never heard any of the tunes before…

Needless to say I haven’t had the chance to watch today’s U.S. Open round on my DVR. Bubba Watson is still in the mix which is very cool. Tiger Woods, of course, is right there and managed to get himself in the final pairing. And, Aaron Baddeley is leading by two? Wow. Baddeley has had flashes of greatness over the last couple of years. He just sort of pops up and kicks everyone’s butt and then disappears for a while. Is it his time?

Phil Mickelson has made some comments (or grumblings) about his wrist injury. It seems he’s blaming the conditions (long rough) at Oakmont. I need to get more data on that one.

So tomorrow’s final round at the U.S. Open will be some great golf to watch. I love the final round of this tournament probably more than any other because of how brutal it is on the players mentally and especially emotionally. It’s intriguing to watch players melt down under the pressure.

Radio Sports Announcers SUCK At Golf

So during my 500 mile drive home all I can get is the occasional update on the radio on today’s round. The announcers are terrible and know next to nothing about golf. I’ll make a post about this tomorrow, when I’m awake.

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