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Juicy pairings to watch at The Memorial

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
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Here are a few pairings I think are interesting for Thursday at Jack’s Memorial Tournament:

8:13 am Mickelson, Phil Holmes, J.B. Palmer, Ryan

Phil is playing arguably the best golf of anyone on tour after his TPC win. Both Phil and especially Holmes can bomb it.

8:57 am Weekley, Boo Pavin, Corey Faxon, Brad

LPGA style…

9:08 am Howell III, Charles O’Hair, Sean Purdy, Ted

Howell and O’Hair? It’s the battle of the 24 inch waists!

9:41 am Furyk, Jim Els, Ernie DiMarco, Chris

Wow what a pairing to follow around on the course. One beautifully perfect swing and two bizarre swings that work for their respective owners.

10:36 am Villegas, Camilo Watson, Bubba Snedeker, Brandt

Bombs away….

11:53 am Scott, Adam Love III, Davis Pettersson, Carl

What great swings to watch between Scott and DLIII.

12:04 pm Singh, Vijay Wilson, Mark Ogilvy, Geoff

Singh and Ogilvy, nice.

12:37 pm Woods, Tiger Hoffman, Charley Bryant, Bart

Obligational Tiger mention…

12:59 pm Johnson, Zach Curtis, Ben Olazabal, Jose Maria

Ball striking anyone?

I’d better set the DVR for tomorrow. I’m warming up for a 5 continuous days of tournaments…

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