Gag me. Michelle Wie given exemption to the John Deer. YAWN ZZZZ

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007
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michelle wie wins the mastersI haven’t written a single word about Michelle Wie since 12/22/06, five whole months. I’m coming out of my boycott of mentioning anything about Wie to announce that she’s been given a sponsor’s exemption to play in the John Deer. Remember the John Deer when she shot 77 and then withdrew because of heat exhaustion? I wonder what Ken Venturi had to say about that…

Does we or her idiot “management” think she’s going to be competitive in a PGA Tour event after being sidelined with an injury for months? Will she be competitive after not even playing against the LPGA players? Many people like me are pretty sick of this and wonder when someone is going to tell her to stop. STOP NOW MICHELLE.

If you do a search here on Hooked On Golf Blog for the words “yawn” or “zzz” you’ll find almost always those words are in posts about Michelle Wie. I wish she’d focus on winning something, anything… a game of tic tack toe, checkers… anything. How about getting that first win on the LPGA tour? How about building a name for herself and dominating like she could on the LPGA.

To what end?

I’m trying to figure out just why Wie and her idiot “management” are doing this anyway? So she can have a record no female golfer will ever break or even come close, “The most missed cuts on the PGA Tour by a woman”?

What if she DID make a cut on the PGA Tour?

Let’s play this out a bit. Let’s say Wie puts together two good enough rounds to make the cut. Not likely but what if? So she plays on the weekend and what happens? Does she win? That would NEVER happen in a million years. About the best scenario if she did make a cut on the PGA Tour would be a tie for 88th place.

Yeah that’s great… T88! Love it. I can see Wie at the press conference.

Press: “Michelle you’ve made a cut on the PGA Tour and tied for 88th on one of the easiest courses on tour, against the weakest field of the year. What’s next for your career?”

Wie: “Like this is like the like ultimate. Like I like finally made a like cut like. Like I’m like going to like retire now…………. like.”

In the words of John Cleese on the Titleist NXT ads. “I think I’m gonna be sick.”

4 responses to “Gag me. Michelle Wie given exemption to the John Deer. YAWN ZZZZ”

  1. tomahawkgolf says:

    Wie has not played GOLF in sometime due to her wrist/hand injury … Now she is going to play the John Deere … Shame on the John Deere Tourney for allowing her an exemption to play … Listen we all know why she got the exemption … as a Money Draw for the tourney … when she announced she would play … ticket sales jumped…

    The sad part … Wie thinks she can compete with the PGA Tour Professionals (sure she can) …. Again so does JOHN DALY …

  2. bruchu says:

    The Daly and Wie situations are different. While Daly has not won in ages, he has paid his dues, he’s won Majors and gone toe-to-toe with the best of them.

    Wie has NEVER won anything. She doesn’t deserve to play on the LPGA let alone on the big boy Tour. She’s all hype and no substance, just like Jennifer Capriati when she first came out.

    Michelle needs to fire her over-bearing dad and start listening to the real Golf people around her.

  3. tomahawkgolf says:

    Bruchu you are correct … while Daly has shown flashes of brillance. Daly has competed with golf’s greats, however he is NO LONGER a PGA Tour Professional.

    I have seen and read he is having a difficult run … but until he re-gains his PGA Tour Card, Daly will continue to be a golf side show.

  4. sportsfan says:

    Michelle Wie’s golf saga at this point is the most pathetic example of the press making up something out of nothing. Nothing against her as a person, but she has shown virtually nothing in her field. Sure a couple of seconds and thirds in some LPGA tounaments; but I thought the whole point of golf was winning. How come no real press on Morgan Pressel? She’s already won a major! I blame the press for perpetually focusing on her and making us believe that her consistent failures are news. Hey I can shoot 88 almost anyday from the womens tees with ease as well as not make the cut on a PGA tournament and I have less talent than her. So I can do as much as her with less talent. How come I don’t make news?





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