Couple of new golf blogs

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007
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I’ve just put in some new additions to the huge blogroll of over 120 golf blogs here at Hooked On Golf Blog!

Earth Golf

My close blog pal EatGolf turned me on to Earth Golf. Earth Golf is a golf blog which leans more toward architecture. Earth Golf was also the home of the Fred Couples Page which as been around since 1995. They use WordPress also so that’s a good thing.

Mingay Golf Blog

While creating my profile and poking around at Earth Golf I found some incoming links. One was from Mingay Golf Blog. This is another golf blog which is new to me and is geared toward golf architecture. I did a count and on the front page alone Jeff Mingay mentions my favorite course designer Tom Doak four times. Anyone that can slip in four Tom Doaks in one page is cool with me. Tom Doak Tom Doak… OK that makes four.

Golf Architecture Bloggers Stick Together

Naturally the other two incoming links at Earth Golf I found were from the golf blogging course architecture geeks I already knew: Robert Thompson and Jay Flemma.

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