Nicklaus Golf Provides Final HOG Space Fantasy Golf Prize

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
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I’m pleased to announce that Nicklaus Golf will be providing the last missing prize for this year’s HOG Space Fantasy Golf league! The season long 2nd place prize which Nicklaus Golf will be providing is a Dual Point Hybrid.

Nicklaus Golf is starting a media push for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Read their press release below.



WEST PALM BEACH, FL–What’s in your Dad’s golf bag? If you don’t know, check and make sure he’s carrying hybrids! Whether he does or doesn’t, the new hybrid from Nicklaus Golf Equipment featuring Dual Point technology will make a great Father’s Day present that is in everyone’s range financially.

Nicklaus Golf’s Dual Point Advantage aligns the club’s center of gravity in the proper position with the most flexible point on the face. That creates a strong transfer of energy for a trampoline effect that’s still within USGA limits. This cutting edge of technology is exactly the same as used with the set of four hybrids produced by Nicklaus’ Premium Golf line including the hybrids and fairway woods.

”Recreational golfers are the heart and sole of the game. Many of them struggle on the fairways, either getting their shot airborne or coming out of the rough. Hybrid clubs, because of their weight and low center of gravity, makes it easier to get the ball airborne, especially coming out of the rough. So many players that are looking for more forgiveness are replacing their long irons with for hybrids. With a hybrid, the ball launches higher and lands softer, so even some of the best players in the world carry a hybrid or two in order to battle the lightning fast greens they face every week,” said Jack Nicklaus.

As Clay Long, Chief Designer for Nicklaus Premium Golf Equipment says: “we have good engineering and good physics behind our designs, the hybrids are going to perform well.”

“Our hybrids are designed properly with an eye to engineering and physics, which is what makes any club perform,” says Long. “It’s a matter of physics when a golf club propels a golf ball in the manner in which a player expects to be hit.

“We adjust the mass distribution in the head to put the center of gravity in the position we want it to be, and we adjust the thickness of the face in different places to align the most flexible point on the face with the center of gravity,” says Long. “We do that by manipulating the shell of the club, whether by moving mass around internally or by machining the face with a computer-controlled milling machine to affect the variable thickness geometry we want to achieve those things.”

Having a multi-layered face that’s thinner on the perimeter and thicker in the middle also expands the high trampoline zone and help golfers get the extra distance they seek.

“We think it brings a lot to the party,” says Long. “It has great flex characteristics. The feel of it is wonderful.

“The stiffness distribution in the shaft from butt to tip has been adjusted so we have the feel and the action that we want in our head,” adds Long. “When you pick up one of our hybrids, it feels the way you expect it to feel. The performance is certainly there.”

Dual Point Hybrids come in RH 18 degree hybrid 2, 21 degree hybrid 3, 24 degree hybrid 4 and 27 degree hybrid 5, as well as LH 21, 24 and 27 degree models.

Shaft offerings for Dual Point hybrids are a Precision Steel Crank Shaft with Shockshield and Rifle graphite in four flexes A,R,S, X.
MSRP for Nicklaus Premium: Hybrids: $79.99-$99.99.

For more information on the Nicklaus Golf Equipment Co., visit the company’s web site at, or call the company toll free at 800-322-1872.

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