State of my game

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
Categories: Hackers

Since the temp has gone up and I’ve played a bunch of rounds the game is getting better. I’m feeling good about my ball striking and my short game is improving. My last 3 scores are 73, 73, 71 and I haven’t been making many putts. I played 31 holes yesterday evening and shot -1.

Since the season officially started here on April 1st, my state handicap has gone down from a 1.6 to a 1.4. Baby steps.

I track my golf statistics at The Golf Space. Below is the summary of my last 20 rounds:

Golf Yearly Stats
Average front score: 37
Average back score: 37
Average total score: 73
Average drive: 283
Average fairways hit: 9 (65%)
Average GIR: 11 (60%)
Average putts per round: 30
Average putts per hole: 1.69
Average front putts: 15.05
Average back putts: 15.3
Average putts per GIR: 1.82
Average zero putts: 0.4
Average one putts: 5.6
Average two putts: 11.25
Average three putts: 0.75
Average four putts: 0
Average pars: 61%
Average birdies: 16%
Average eagles: 1%
Average bogeys: 18%
Average double bogeys: 5%
Average handicap: 2.15

4 responses to “State of my game”

  1. DocCrunch says:

    Hey, check DocCrunch on youtube – could help your putting 😉

  2. jrbechthold says:

    I am just starting to keep track of my stats…

    I am paying really close attention to my GIR and shots inside 100yds.

    I figure if I can up my GIR to 8-10 a round I could break 80.

    I obviously need to eliminate 3 or more putts too – but I have been really consistent speed/distance wise my last 2 rounds.

  3. Putting is an area where you can save a ton of strokes. If you 3putt 6 times a round you could save at least 6 strokes and maybe more if you one putt…

  4. You are the stats king, bro. I can hardly keep track of what I shot, which is probably a good thing.