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Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, April 16th, 2007
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The Golf Space

The golf spaceA little over a year ago during Masters week, I opened my “other” site. That other site is The Golf Space at The Golf Space is the original and (in my biased opinion) best “golf social networking” site. Social networking is similar to the community based sites like Myspace and Orkut. I like to say The Golf Space is golf’s version of myspace only without the strippers.

Since it’s opening, The Golf Space golf community has registered over 1700 members. Not bad for having no advertising budget. The Golf Space has had over 600,000 unique visitors, over 1000 golf gallery images posted, over 800 golf related articles posted, tracked hundreds of golf rounds and handicaps, and connected hundreds of golfers around the world.


1. Individual user profiles for personal, business or golf courses. Golf courses and business have special contextual profile fields.
2. User blogs.
3. User photo galleries.
4. Networking features like friends, profile comments, private messages, karma ratings and more.
5. Golf scores, handicaps and statistics.
6. Golf discussion forums.
7. Golf chat room.
8. User generated golf web links.
9. Latest golf news.
10. Individual URLS (
11. Matchmaker: find your golf mate.
12. Golf articles relating to course reviews, product reviews, training, fitness and more.
13. Many more features in development.

Perhaps the best part of The Golf Space is that it is FREE. Free blogs, chat, golf stats and handicap etc… And the site has had NO advertising in the first year.

Golf Social Networking Sites Are Popping Up Like Acne On A 14 Year Old Girl

Lately golf social networking sites are popping up left and right. Many are all about the all mighty dollar and though they don’t even have 50 users they have ads. Many think they’re the next coming of Jack Nicklaus… I wish them luck, but The Golf Space has a big head start and a couple of things many of them don’t have: 1. A person running the with a passion for GOLF. 2. A great URL which is easy to remember:

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The Golf Space Golf Social Networking

Golf Scores & Stats:

The Golf Space Golf Handicap scores stats

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The golf space golf networking golf buddy golf friends

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Golf Space golf blog

3 responses to “The Golf Space Golf Social Networking :: One Year Birthday”

  1. Eat Golf says:

    The golf space is on FIRE – it’s my favorite place to lurk (the blog section is a daily read for me).

    It’s amazing how many cool golfers and golf companies are on it. I don’t even know how many contacts and friends I’ve made through that site over this last year. How cool is it to actually connect and email back and forth with somebody that works at a company you bought something from; or the random golfer that sends you a golf tip out of the blue

    Tony, keep up the great work – there is nothing like it on the net for golfers. TGS is 100% word of mouth sign ups – which means only people excited about golf are there – TGS really turned into something very cool and pure – congratulations on all the hard work you put in. Unlike myspace or orkut or wherever – it’s way better to have a couple thousand GOLFERS involved than a zillion barely interested in golf members..

    Once again, congrats – and don’t drive off the road!


  2. Eat Golf says:

    Thought I might as well post that on eat as well so:


  3. Thanks EAT! I too have make a ton of connections with golf companies, golf sites and other golfers which I wouldn’t have otherwise met on TGS!





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