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Fuzzy Zoeller F-Bomb

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, April 8th, 2007
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12:41pm Masters Sunday #13 Tee

Fuzzy Zoeller clear as a bell:

“Alright no more quackers you meat head. You big f**king dummy.”

4 responses to “Fuzzy Zoeller F-Bomb”

  1. Miranda says:

    And Gary McCord got banned for saying ‘body bags’ and ‘bikini wax’.

  2. Nick Faldo yesterday said the course was “like being tortured by a beautiful woman.” Are they going to kick him out too?

  3. kentuckykaiser says:

    Please!!!!! If you’re a golfer you probably have uttered the f word at least once..or at least mumbled it..what is up with this ultra sensitivity with everything these days?…..political overcorrect-ness. Fuzzy is a great guy and does so much for charity and he has fun in life so why don’t people just let him enjoy himself. They should get another hobby other than zeroing in on what people say….if it is totally malicious or meant to cause harm that’s another thing. Just my two cents. KentuckyKaiser

  4. This isn’t a PC post. It’s just pointing out a funny quote. I could care less if Fuzzy uses f-bombs between every word.