You don’t want to watch The Masters at my dad’s house

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, April 7th, 2007
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My setup: Left is my 17″ Powerbook with on the screen. Coming out of my S-Video out of the powerbook I go into my 42″ plasma in the background to watch Amen Corner Live and Masers Extra. Right is my MacBook with HOG on the screen.

masters coverage

My dad’s setup is a 19″ picture tube with rabbit ears which obviously don’t work. In the pic below you can see what looks like The Masters in a snow storm. I think that’s Byron Nelson’s bridge.

masters on a bad screen

2 responses to “You don’t want to watch The Masters at my dad’s house”

  1. Miranda says:

    My parents can get CBS pretty good with rabbit ears. NBC is really snowy and there’s a lot of static – it was tough watching Wimbledon last year there. I have a real antenna and I get local channels on the satellite dish, so I’m covered if the dish goes out due to a storm. I don’t have all the hi-tech stuff you’ve got. My dial up connection just wouldn’t handle Amen Corner Live.

  2. Nick Momrik says:

    I’m at my parents for the Easter weekend watching on a 50 inch large projection TV. But it’s nothing like being at home on my 50 inch widescreen LCD watching CBS HD with the laptop connected to a high speed connection that actually works. Sure wish I was watching today back at my own house…it’s going to be great to watch the pros struggle around a course like the rest of us hackers.