Masters Blogger Leaderboard

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007
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Here’s a “blogger leaderboard” I can get behind…

Blogger Leaderboard Masters Augusta

3 responses to “Masters Blogger Leaderboard”

  1. BogeyLounge says:

    In My Dreams: Masters Golf Blogger Leaderboard

    Every golfer dreams of “what could of been” if they had just started playing earlier, practiced harder, or been born into the Love, Harmon, or Leadbetter family. Oh well, I’ll just accept my fate, enjoy my weekend rounds and pray…

  2. thegolfgeek says:

    Hey.. I leading 🙂
    Tom Gov

  3. thegolfgeek says:

    But I am heading to Amen Corner and my hands are shaking… I can’t pull the club back… I miss my second to the right on 11 like Hogan said to do… Do I hit 7 or 8 on 12 – don’t aim at the right pin… I think will lay up on 13… Augusta was more fun when I was drinking a beer and eating a pimento cheese sandwich.

    Tom Gov