Hitting the Callaway FT-i square driver

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, March 31st, 2007
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callaway FT-i square driverI had the chance to hit some shots with a slightly customized Callaway FT-i square driver. This is the driver owned by my local pro Guy Lester. I don’t think the shaft or draw bias he had setup was good for me since I draw the ball anyway and my swing is probably slower than his.

One thing I noticed right off which I liked, was the feel of the club during my swing. I seemed to be very aware of the club face and it’s position almost like swinging a heel-toe weighted putter. I hit a few bad shots with it but I was only wearing my leopard Vans and I was freezing to death. BUT when I did hit it well the ball really flew.

Below is a video of Guy hitting it and making some comments on what he thinks about the Callaway FT-i. At the end of the video you see me hit it with my Vans. I edited out the bad shots…

The square drivers have hit many of the stores. You can get the Callaway FT-i square driver at my favorite online golf store, Edwin Watts Golf.

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