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Happy Birtday to Rich a.k.a. Eat Golf

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, March 23rd, 2007
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My golf blogging pal Rich’s birthday was yesterday. He’s accepting late submissions for his 2007 birthday present contest. So far the winning items are:

1. Tickets to The Masters (sorry but I’m his guest).
2. Personally autographed sexy photos of Tiger Woods’ wife Elin with a note that says “any time you want me back big boy, I’ll show Tiger the door. And by the way, my sister wants to know why you never return her calls.”
3. Nicorette patches & 7-11 nachos.
4. An offer to pay the taxes, registration and impound fees on his car.
5. A private photo shoot with Natalie Gulbis and he’s the photographer.
6. An answer to the mystery of why he has 14 billion mysql connections running at the same time.
7. A date with Freddy Couples.
8. The “cue jacket” which is pool’s version of the swing jacket.

2 responses to “Happy Birtday to Rich a.k.a. Eat Golf”

  1. Eat Golf says:

    Tony you dawg! 8 inside jokes – and I was wondering how everyone knew it was my birthday.

    How old? As one emailed in “now your age finally matches your handicap – 40” HA HA

    At 40 at least it’ll be easy for me to figure out the whole “half your age plus seven” this year 🙂

    Thanks Tony and everyone who emailed me 🙂

    PS I sunk the eight ball on the break at a billiards room the night of my birthday – first time ever! It fell into the side pocket on the driver’s side…

  2. Eat Golf says:

    9. Better Photoshop skillz. You know, not like the current skillz that only cause a judge to roll their eyes. I want others to be able to actually PROVE lavish lifestyle with one of my fake photos :):):):):):)