RedEye i300 Laser Putter Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, March 21st, 2007
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Is there a sport with more funky gadgets than golf? We golfers have global navigation systems (GPS), laser yardage and slope finders, golf swing computer analysis, launch monitors, automated teeing devices, swing jackets and now laser guided putters.

redeye golf laser putter i330RedEye i300 Laser Putter

The RedEye i300 Laser Putter is a club which has a laser beam in the face of the putter. The beam draws a laser line on the ground in front of your putter, showing you the line. There’s also a receiver target unit which can sense when the beam is lined up properly and beeps to let you know.

With the laser beam module installed, the putter does not comply with USGA regulations. However, you can change out the laser unit for a standard weighting unit which does comply. This allows you to take the same putter onto the course and gives you confidence and the same feel you had during your practice sessions.

You’ve gotta love this putter. It’s actually a great feeling putter with perfect weighting. It can be very shocking for people to see where they are really aimed. It’s quite interesting to see how even the slightest change in face angle can mean several inches or even several feet of difference depending on the length of putt.

My friend, the local pro, used the i330 for his students for a while. It was great to show them where the putter was aimed and get them lined up correctly.

redeye golf laser putter i330Check your face angle

If you aim at a target with a wall behind it, you can also see your club face’s loft. Some of my pals would have the blade very lofted at address as you could see the laser dot on the wall several feet above the target.

Electronic smart target

The companion unit to the i330 is the “electronic smart target.” This is a canopy shaped plastic unit which can act as a hole or can cover a golf hole. The canopy helps block sunlight. The target has sensors which detect when the laser hits them and the unit feeds back to you with a beep. A constant tone is emitted when you’re right on line. It’s quite difficult, especially on longer putts to get the constant tone.

You can use the electronic smart target on breaking putts as well. If you have a putt that breaks one foot left, you set the smart target up one foot right. When you get the tone you know you’re properly aimed one foot right and on the correct line for the break.

redeye golf laser putter i330Using the putter

To activate the laser you simply tap the putter on the ground. The button on the bottom turns the laser on for eight seconds. I’m not sure why RedEye picked eight seconds. I’m guessing they figured it takes someone eight seconds to line up and then they turn the laser off for the actual putt. One good reason is also to save the battery.

If you don’t mind playing win an illegal putter on the course you could use the laser during a “practice” round to see how you are lining up. This would especially help many amateurs on their short putts.

Switching out laser and weight modules

I did a quick video demonstration to show how long it takes to switch from the laser version of the putter to the USGA legal version. You may be using the laser for your practice putting before a round and then only have a minute or two to switch to the legal setup. As you can see from the video it barely takes over one minute to make the switch.

Head Cover

The head cover which comes with the i330 is good looking and functional. I like the fact that they used a magnet instead of Velcro for the flap. Velcro wears out over time.

redeye golf laser putter i330Parts and accessories

The RedEye i330 comes with a 125 gram cartridge, bringing the head to 342 grams and the club’s total weight to 528 grams. If you prefer a heavier putter, for $19.95 you can pick up the Speed Weighting Kit which comes with two additional weights (140 and 160 grams).

If you lose or break any of the components, tools or weights, they’re all available at a reasonable price on the RedEye Golf web site under “other products.”

Critic’s corner

On the critical side I’d like to see a small bag or something included with the putter to carry the screws, weights and laser unit. I had to go with a zip lock storage bag, which isn’t the most elegant way I could think of to haul the extra parts around.

I found eight seconds wasn’t quite enough for me to absorb and adjust my alignment. I wouldn’t mind being able to leave the laser on for more time or perhaps having a new version of the putter keep the laser on for say 30 seconds with a quick double tap of the button. Maybe even a small pot on the laser unit which lets you specify how long it stays on.


For about $180 this would be a nice mallet putter. Add to the fact that you’re getting a laser alignment system with a smart target and $180 seems very reasonable.

I have many photos of the RedEye i300 Laser Putter in the HOG Photo Gallery.

There are also a few other Laser Putter videos in my YouTube gallery.

laser putter

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