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Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, March 8th, 2007
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Nickent 4dx driverI’m a fan of Nickent Golf. I’ve reviewed some of their 3DX hybrids and also the mallet version of their Pipe Putter in the past. I guess they’ve graduated from the “3DX” series to the “4DX” now, a 33% increase.

Nickent didn’t jump on the square shaped driver bandwagon. Instead they’re going for a more traditional look which still has a high MOI like the square ones.

Nickent 4DX driver

I have pictures of the 4DX and many other Nickent golf clubs in the Hooked On Golf Blog Nickent Gallery.

You can pick up the Nickent 3DX Hybrids and the Pipe Putters at Edwin Watts Golf. The 4DX isn’t at Edwin Watts yet, but they’ll be on the Nickent Drivers page when they arrive.


Nickent Golf Launches Exciting
New 4DX Driver

What’s the deal with driver design these days? We all know geometry is the buzzword today, because of the increase it makes on a club’s Moment of Inertia or MOI. But whatever happened to the classic shape that PGA Tour players demand?

Nickent Golf may be the first to have an answer for this dilemma. Under the careful eye of Master Designer John Hoeflich, Nickent Senior Vice President, Nickent has made a driver that perfectly combines art and science, while offering state-of-the-art directional control capabilities. It also features a 0.4 mm super thin Titanium crown, making it one of the thinnest crowns of any driver on the market. Nickent says this is the secret recipe for the performance, sound and feel of the 4DX Driver.

The 0.4 mm super thin Titanium crown allowed Nickent to save enough weight to manufacture a 460 CC directional control driver that combines a classic tour shape and cutting-edge weight technology.

Nickent improved upon their screw-less weight system by utilizing Tungsten-Polymer XW Inserts, an innovation that allows for 16 grams of weight to be adjusted in 2-gram increments by the manufacturer for directional control and swing weight purposes, without relying on bulky screws that often determine the shape and feel of a driver.

The raw head of this 460 CC driver weighs 180 grams. This is one of the lightest of any raw 460 CC driver heads on the market. This helps increase the swing speed of the driver significantly and allows for maximum distance. It also gives Nickent engineers room to utilize the XW technology and to raise the MOI significantly. The construction of the driver is a 6/4 Titanium body fused with a 15-3-3 .4mm Titanium crown. 15-3-3 Titanium is the alloy for Titanium and is stronger and thinner than cast 6-4 Titanium. It reduces the thickness of the crown by 50%, reduces the weight of the crown by 20 grams and makes for a better sound and feel. Laser welding the crown adds more strength and saves even more weight to put back in the clubhead. A patented A-frame face application is used for a high COR/CT on the face map.

“XW is a very smart directional control technology, and it gives us the flexibility to maneuver a significant amount of weight without taking away from our tour-driven design,” said Hoeflich. “The XW Inserts, which are now in almost all the clubs I have designed for Nickent, also raise the MOI, and provide the perfect heel/toe weighting for a particular swing. When you can use weights this small to bring back the Center of Gravity, raise the MOI and create a very large sweet spot on the face, all while keeping the desired shape you and dampening vibration, you have found a technology that stands above the rest.”

Two versions of the 4DX Driver are available, the Draw Spec and the Tour Spec. The loft, lie and weight have all been configured to fit the two basic types of swings that represent the vast majority of golfers. The Draw Spec will be an anti-slice setup that gives the player seeking a higher ball flight a natural draw. The Tour Spec is engineered for players who prefer a flatter trajectory and a more workable ball flight. Unlike most drivers, which use the same head with different weight distribution to produce a draw or a fade, the Draw Spec and Tour Spec heads are completely different tooling with different face angles and face curvatures to give the player the address profile that they prefer.

The 4DX comes standard with a UST SR3 Driver Shaft System, available in 75 gram Stiff, a 65 gram Regular , an R-Light 55 grams and a 55 gram Ladies shaft. MSRP on the 4DX Driver is $399.

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