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Tiger Woods suffers a bout of “weekend hacker”

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, February 24th, 2007
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Friday at the 2007 Accenture Match Play Championship

Finally “the streak” is over. I’m a big Tiger Woods fan but I was getting so sick of listening to the googling, Tiger slobbering “media” refer to “the streak” I was about to gag. The streak was over long ago in my opinion.

Tiger Woods: 18 Handicapper

Who slices the hell out of his drives, missing 100 yard wide fairways and sending gallery members ducking for cover? Who knocks his ball into the desert, the cacti, shrubs, and bushes? Who tries to extricate himself from said shrubs and bushes, only to get a worse lie?

Answer: Tiger Woods, the 18 ‘capper.

Question: Who overcomes a four down deficit to Nick O’ Hern in 8 holes to bring the match back to square?

Answer: Tiger Woods

Question: Who misses a four foot putt to win the match on the 19th hole because he “failed to notice a fixable ball mark” in his line, then loses the match on the 20th hole?

Answer: Tiger Woods, the 18 ‘capper.

Tiger looked genuinely confused. He was taking dozens of practice swings and as the “never at a loss for words” Nick Faldo pointed out, his club face was laying way open at the top of his swing. Tiger’s driver swing wasn’t the only problem. His short game faltered down the stretch.

Credit to Nick O’Hern

Nick O’Hern moves on and is now the first pro golfer to have defeated Tiger Woods TWO times in match play.

Who is left?

Starting Saturday there are NO #1 seeds left in the Accenture Match play. As a matter of fact, there are no #2 seeds left either. The big names are gone and the TV coverage is sure to take a big viewership hit.

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  1. Cal says:

    Bugger, wish I could have watched that!