New Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, February 16th, 2007
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Titleist is releasing the latest version of their Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls this month (mid February). Titleist was doing some market research a while ago about renaming these golf balls, but I guess they opted to not change. Yeah, why change a winner? Titleist’s Pro V1/V1x market share is greater than the collective and combined brand shares of Bridgestone, Callaway, Nike, TaylorMade, Top-Flite and Maxfli.

New features

For both balls Titleist has what they call a “Staggered Wave Parting Line” which allows them to increase the dimple coverage on the surface of the ball. This makes the ball more aerodynamic, making it fly farther, higher and straighter. Uh, I guess we’re talking about the seam eh?

The V1 model flies higher than previous models and has longer driver distance as a result.

The V1x model is getting softer. The core and the Urethane Elastomer cover are both softer for better feel. There’s more spin with irons on the V1x as well.

From the “Huh?” department:

new pro v1 titleistA.I.M. (Alignment Integrated Marking) Technology side stamps

Titleist no doubt has millions of dollars to spend in research and development. They have who knows how many amazing engineers working on performance, design, aerodynamics and the like. Their amazing R&D department has really outdone themselves with the new A.I.M. system:

“The A.I.M. side stamp provides a consistent focal point for golfers to better align their drives and putts if they desire, as well as to instill additional confidence for better driving and putting alignment.”

What exactly is this new, amazing, unbelievable, ground breaking, hi-tech, cutting edge technology? Arrows on each side of the model name. UM, ok.

Introducing HOG AIM with the new HBH technology

Not to be outdone by Titleist’s engineers, I’ve created my own aiming technology. I call it HOG AIM. “HOG AIM” stands for “Hell O Good And I Made it.” HOG AIM also employs the new groundbreaking “HBH” (Hit Ball Here) and “DHBH” (Don’t Hit Ball Here) technology, as developed by my crack R&D team. See picture below:

Which one is it? Higher ball flight or lower ball flight for longer distance?

In Titleist’s description of the features of the new balls there are two interesting lines. In the Pro V1 features and benefits they say “slightly higher flight for longer distance.” In the Pro V1x features and benefits they say “slightly lower flight for longer distance.” Am I the only one confused about this?

All joking aside

I’m poking a little fun here obviously, but the Pro V1 (regular flavor) is still my favorite ball. There are many great golf balls out there for sure, but I always go back to the Pro V1 for my game.

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