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Are you good enough to play the Callaway X-Forged?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, February 14th, 2007
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Check out these fine looking irons, the Callaway X-Forged. I snapped these pics of my local pro’s set. He hadn’t even taken the plastic off of some of them. These are definitely “blades.”

It’s Winter here and we’re all rusty so I’m taking my pro buddy’s comments with a grain of salt. But what he said about the $800 X-Forged irons was “I’m not sure I’m good enough to play these.”

These would make a great Valentine’s Day gift…. ūüėČ

4 responses to “Are you good enough to play the Callaway X-Forged?”

  1. Knoxgolf says:

    This does not suprise me at all. It reminds me of a G. Digest article noting Trevor Immmelman’s irons not being blades. He said they are just too hard to hit under pressure.

    This has really changed my outlook and will certainly influence my next purchase.

    These Callaway’s do really look sweet, though.

  2. usgolfsticks says:

    These “blades” are truly different for the likes of Callaway. I wish I was good enough to him ’em. Unless you are practicing and playing a LOT, it is hard to hit these sticks with any consistency.


  3. clmax says:


    I know I’m new to golf, but how can you call these blades? They look more cavity back like than my Bridgestone J33 Combos.

    I’d consider J33Bs and MP33s blades, but not those Callaways.

    What’s up with that?


  4. They’re kind of a combo of sorts with the cavity back. But they’re very “bladey” from the front, topline and in how they play.