Shooter opens fire in a local mall

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, February 12th, 2007
Categories: Life

Man the world is coming to an end here in Salt Lake. I turned the TV on (something I usually only do to watch golf) and live coverage was going on at a local mall where a guy in a trench coat wandered around the mall shooting people. The guy even went into one store, put his backpack on a table and reloaded while families fled.

Salt Lake used to be a quiet town. It’s turning into a big city. The growth is mainly from Californians who are selling their homes there and coming here. They can get relative mansions here for the money they get from their dumps in SoCal.

Note to Californians:

You’ve brought your traffic, your gangs, your crime and your pollution to my once quiet city. If you’re planning on moving from LA, or wherever you live in SoCal, don’t come here. I hear New Mexico is cool.

3 responses to “Shooter opens fire in a local mall”

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  2. Golfchick says:

    No worries from me. I’d like to send most of them somewhere else, too. Although, most Californians aren’t from California. If only we could have narrowed down the people moving here and issued a note to them! Note to EVERYONE: if you’re thinking about moving to California, don’t. Might as well start somewhere like New Mexico. You’ll end up there anyway.

  3. Luke S. says:

    I leave town for a few days and the whole state starts to fall apart. WOW. Hard stuff to believe. Utah’s national news this millennium is this and Elizabeth Smart. Pretty awful stuff.