Forget MOI, COG, movable weights… BABES are how you sell golf gear

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
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skb golf girl babeAlternative post title:
Hottest babes of the PGA Show.
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Check the view counts of my show pics yet?

One thing I couldn’t help noticing at the PGA Show was the blatant and shameless way golf companies were selling their wares. Was it free candy in the booths? No. Free equipment? No.

Hot babes are clearly the way to sell golf gear, as adopted by Tour Edge, SKB, Hole In One USA, Green Friendly (our good friends) and many others. No complaints.

The numbers

If you go to my PGA Show photo gallery you may notice something funny. The photos in the gallery have a view count. It’s nice to see the most popular pics. Hitting page 4 of the gallery shows a few pics at 11-14 views exept for the last one. Pic #6 is at 38 views, 24 more views than the rest. What’s in that pic? Jessica, the very cute babe from Green Friendly Golf. Browse through some more pics and you’ll find views at 7 or 8 and maxing out at about 30 for golf clubs. Then you run into the two “booth babes” from Tour Edge and their view count is at 70. The #1 view count, and the most blatant of all booth babes is from the SKB booth (top pic). She’s at a view count of 80, roughly 8x the view count of the average booth or clubs.

hot babehot babes in alcohol booth

Does it work?

Talking to a few pals at the show gave me a good guage on wether the babe angle was effective. All of my pals would tell me “Did you see that blonde over there? She was hot.” When I’d ask them what company she was working for NONE of them could remember. So my unscientific observation tells me that having hot babes in your booth attracts men to them and not your gear.

two hot golf babestwo cute golf chicks

One response to “Forget MOI, COG, movable weights… BABES are how you sell golf gear”

  1. nrsmatth says:

    After being at the show as well, it was quite obvious that most guys would just take whatever pamphlet these girls were handing out, and then continue walking, perhaps taking a quick look over their shoulder for one last peek.

    Notably, the Ray Cook girls were absent this year. After talking to their CEO it was obvious why. Everyone remembers the girls, but this was the first year that most of the atendees ever actually saw what a Ray Cook putter looked like.





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