Nicklaus Golf

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, January 26th, 2007
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I had the great opportunity to chat at length with Nicklaus Golf’s chief designer Clay Long. Clay went into detail with me how their drivers are designed.

Nicklaus Golf Dual Point Driver

Then we talked about their great wedges, putters, irons, hybrids and the rest. Below are some videos I took during my time with the great folks at Nicklaus Golf, namely Clay and my new pal Alan Taylor.

Nicklaus Dual Point Driver Video

Long Putter Video

Below is a pic of one of the extremely nice Long Putters:

Nicklaus Long Putters

One response to “Nicklaus Golf”

  1. jrbechthold says:

    I am salivating already!
    That is cool you got to talk to the designers. I love the Nicklaus driver I am using now, and I can’t wait until my new one arrives!

    Did you see a price point on the Long putters? Those are really sweet looking!