Tifosi Optics “Gavia” Sunglasses Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, January 21st, 2007
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Tifosi Optics Golf Sunglasses ReviewThis is the second of a three part series I’m going to be doing on sunglasses from Tifosi Optics. Tifosi Optics “enthusiastically” makes eyewear of many types for many different activities, including golf.

Tifosi Gavia Golf Sunglasses

The Tifosi Gavia model glasses are sunglasses with an interchangeable lens. The Gavia model comes with multiple lenses for varying lighting and terrain conditions. You can easily switch lenses for the optimal clarity and focus while on the course, hiking, skiing or doing any outdoor activity.

golf sunglasses reviewTechnology

The Gavia is made from a nearly indestructible nylon which Tifosi calls “Grimalid TR-90.” This is a homopolyamide nylon with high bending strength, resistance to UV wear, low density (so it’s very light), and high resistance to chemicals. So not only are these glasses durable and strong on and off the course, you could use them in the event of a nuclear war.

The “Hyrdophillic” nose pads are ventilated to aid in slip resistance and comfort. They’re designed to provide even more grip when you are perspiring. The pads are also fully adjustable for you to achieve the right fit and comfort.

Tifosi OpticsLenses o’ plenty

The Gavia comes with three different lenses for different lighting conditions so you can optimize your view. The Gavia lenses are coated with a “glare guard” which reduces eye fatigue. If you go with the Gavia golf model like the ones I have, there are three additional lenses for optimal clarity on the course. The lenses are also highly elastic so they bend instead of shattering when a lens impact occurs. That could come in handy on the course when some hack sprays a shot and nails you in the glasses.

No optical distortion

An important component of any sports lens is the need for “decentering” or elimination of optical distortion. Since lenses are curved there is the possibility of visual distortion or magnification. Such a distortion could effect your performance on the course and cost you strokes. The Slip lenses are decentered to eliminate any optical distortion.

slip case tifosiAvailable colors

The Gavias are available in 13 frame color options You can click through them and see what they look like on the Tifosi Gavia page.

Lifetime warranty

Tifosi Optics is so confident in the materials and workmanship of their product that they offer a lifetime warranty. If there proves to be a defect or a problem in the entire lifetime of the product they’ll replace them. Impressive.


Along with the multiple sets of lenses, the Gavias come with a nice hard case. The hard case has a zipper and would easily fit in your golf bag to protect your glasses when not in use. The interchangeable lenses have their own storage pockets inside the case as well so you have them with you.

golf sunglasses reviewAlso included with the Slips is a microfiber cleaning bag. The glasses can be stored inside this bag which also serves as a cleaning rag for the lenses.

On the course or other locations

The Gavias are designed for people with medium to small heads. I guess you could say I have a big head because the Gavias were a little tight. But the nice thing about Tifosi’s glasses is that you can adjust them.

On the course I liked the lighting and detail on the greens when I got the lenses right for the lighting situation. I really like being able to clearly see the slopes and read the greens without having to do the seemingly hip “put the glasses on the back of your hat” thing.

I can easily switch out the lenses to see which ones work for that day’s conditions. Most of the time I did find myself with the stock lenses. I really like the GT (golf/tennis) lens as well. I found reading the greens and rolling hills of the course with the GT’s was great. In a perfect world I’d drive to the course with the standard lenses, tee off with the GT lenses and putt with the EC (extreme contrast) lenses. Perhaps some day Tifosi will develop a lens which changes with the push of a button for each scenario.

I also wear the Gavias while hiking and driving around. I found a certain lens to be perfect for hiking in my favorite place in the world: Arches National Park. At Arches I found the right set of lenses which accented and brought even more detail into the spectacular red rock formations.


It’s easy to drop a few hundred bucks on some fancy sunglasses from some of the big names out there. But before you do, check out what Tifosi has to offer. I found the Gavias on sale at Edwin Watts Golf for $59.95. For the price of one set of expensive sport glasses from a big name manufacturer you could literally buy 4-5 sets of Tifosi glasses. Those 4-5 sets would give you over two dozen lenses! Your choice: One style and stock lens from company A, or 4 styles and over two dozen interchangeable lenses from Tifosi. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

One response to “Tifosi Optics “Gavia” Sunglasses Review”

  1. Arjensgood says:

    While I personally found the Gavia to be a little too snug, I still must agree that they are a very good value. Overall, Tifosi’s can’t really be beat, given the price, and they do very well on the greens.






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