Sun Mountain Micro-J Rain Jacket Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, January 8th, 2007
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Sun Mountain Micro-J Golf Rain JacketThere are a few golf companies out there who are truly innovators. At the top of that list you’ll find Sun Mountain. Sun Mountain set a new golf trend in motion with their Speed Cart golf carts. I did a review on the Speed Cart a long time ago and I’m still truly impressed with it. So much in fact that I got one for my son too.

Golf Rain JacketSun Mountain’s innovation isn’t limited to carts. They’ve got a full line of golf bags, outerwear, accessories and more. I hope to be able to feature many of their products here in the future.

Micro-J a.k.a. “Sleeve O’ Rain Jacket”

Every golfer must carry a rain jacket. The Micro-J takes up very little space in your bag and is light as a feather. When you store the jacket in the included plastic case, it’s barely bigger than a sleeve of golf balls. “Give me a sleeve of rain jacket please.”

sleeve of rain golf jacket

Micro-J Features

The Micro-J is made out of Teflon®-coated nylon. This makes it completely waterproof. The seams are taped which makes them lighter and waterproof as well. To help keep out wind and water there’s a zip through collar, interior storm flap, drawstring waist, elastic cuffs and an elongated back.

The Micro-J comes with a 1 year water and wind proof guarantee.

On The Course

Doing a review on rain gear is somewhat of a problem. It’s about the only time I as a golfer hope it rains while I’m playing. I had the Micro-J for no less than 2-3 months and never needed it. I used the Micro-J for the first time at a college football game. The rain beaded up on the Micro-J, ran off, and then soaked my supposedly waterproof rain pants (another manufacturer).

Golf Rain Jacket

When I finally got to use the Micro-J during play and I was truly impressed. One thing I really don’t like about putting on rain gear or multiple layers is how restricted my swing feels. No problem with the Micro-J. I was able to freely move in my swing. All parts of my body which were protected by the MJ were completely dry.The Micro-J really helps in the wind. The MJ as just a wind jacket helps a ton. The Teflon®-coated nylon protects you and prevents those chilling drafts.

When you combine rain and wind you can really get a chill. When I’m chilled I hit some pretty bad golf shots. So having the MJ in my bag helps me play better in wind, rain or both.

Critic’s Corner

There’s nothing bad I have to say about the Micro-J, no critiques. The only problem I seemed to have was when there was a bunch water beaded up on the jacket. I had to find creative ways of getting it off without getting my hands or other parts of my body or gear wet.


Sun Mountain’s Micro-J will protect you from wind and rain and takes up about as much space as a sleeve of golf balls, only it weighs much less.

2 responses to “Sun Mountain Micro-J Rain Jacket Review”

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  2. jcertain says:

    Very cool Tony. Sun Mountain is a good as it gets with the foul weather gear.

    I’ll have to contact the guys at 3LUXE and let em know about this one.





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