Name Tiger Woods’ baby contest

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, December 30th, 2006
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Hooked On Golf Blog is sponsoring it’s first official contest:


Comment your name submission into the comments of this post and the winner will receive a special Hooked On Golf Blog & The Golf Space round golf towel.

My guesses:

The most logical name is Earl, after Tiger’s father.
Earl + Elin = Earlin
Eldrick (Tiger’s real name) + Earl = Earldrick
Kutilda (Tiger’s mom) + Elin = Kutelin
Nike + Elin = Elinike, Nikelin
Nike + Eldrick = Nikedrick
Kutilda + Earl = Earltilda
Kutilda + Nike = Nikutilda
Earl + Nike + Elin = Elinikearl
Eldrick + Elin + Kutilda + Earl + Nike = Nikeldrickarlda

14 responses to “Name Tiger Woods’ baby contest”

  1. Miranda says:

    My suggestions:

    Jack – after Nicklaus
    Jaclin – Jack + Elin
    Kujac – Kutilda + Jack
    Andrew – After St. Andrews
    Wanamaker – after the trophy – I like this one Wanamaker Woods. Has a nice ring to it 🙂

  2. Oh Miranda I didn’t think of Jack or anything like that.

    I’d just say Jack Woods or how about Bobby (Jones) Woods.

  3. Jack GA says:

    Tiger has its own style , so I wont bet on any golfers name. Surely he will make it quite unique from the rest. So names like

    Theo Woods
    Thia Woods


  4. shaderunner says:

    Eldred?…c’mon. Facts are pretty easy to come by these days.


  5. shaderunner says:

    Eldred? You’re not serious.

  6. I’m a bonehead. I knew that.  Yeah it was a typo, that’s it.

  7. shaderunner says:

    Thought ya did 😉 Nikeldrickarlda! haha, too hard to say…Rick for short, lol.

  8. russh says:

    Here are my names..if its a girl,how about after the season he dominates..Summer Woods..if its a boy who will follow in Tigers steps,how about Major Woods!

  9. Jazzygeri says:

    Since Tiger, Elin and Earl share the letters “E @ L” plus Tiger’s Mom’s name letter “K”..
    How about the name “ELKA” for a girl
    and if a boy “DARREL”

  10. jroach6346 says:

    My suggestion is “Tiglon” Earl Woods whis is the offspring of a male tiger and a female lion.

  11. Golfbaglady says:

    “James Earl Woods” the is a story of about the first child of Tiger and Elin being written. In that story the son is named James Earl. Jimmy Earl Woods,nice sound for the name of the next generations champ!

  12. sundropbaby says:

    I won’t say this is my own creativity, but the name Fairway Woods sounds nice.

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