LPGA to start drug testing in 2008

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, November 16th, 2006
Categories: LPGA Tour

Here is an article about the news that the LPGA will start drug testing in 2008. They’ll be the first major golf tour to do so.

I think there are a couple of prime candidates for testing, but I wonder if testosterone is on the list. 🙂

I really doubt any LPGA players are on anything. But just for fun, take a mental note of head sizes and muscles now. If we see any sudden shrinking heads in 2008 we’ll have a good idea who was on the juice.

One response to “LPGA to start drug testing in 2008”

  1. Golf by the Cupful says:

    You made me laugh, Tony. Really though, I don’t think any of them are on da juice, either. Even Annika, who has obviously put in a lot of time in the workout trailer, doesn’t look overly large. She just looks athletic and strong since pumping iron. I love watching the women play, but I do wish they were all more consistant putters.

    And, Tiger doesn’t appear to be enhancing his body with drugs either. He just looks lean and athletic, like Annika.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but wouldn’t golf most likely be the one sport (along with NASCAR – [are race car drivers really athletes?]) where being on drugs would NOT be an advantage. Might make the drives longer, but think about what it would do to those mock-turtles necks – they’d be busting at the seams like crazy. Although I might like to see that cool, Mr. Villegas busting out of anything . . . Sorry about that – I left for a moment.

    Maybe some drugs might be helpful on the course after all – when my gang plays and there’s a tournament of some sort going on ahead of us, I’d sure like some drugs to make the standing around, waiting, bearable. Jane