Do any of the off season events interest you?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, November 12th, 2006
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The latest HOG poll is up. Now that the 2006 PGA Tour season is over are you still interested in watching golf on TV? Are you like me, desperate enough to watch anything? Or are you content to wait until the 2007 season begins?

I’m desperate, but not desperate enough to watch George Lopez. If I ever get desperate enough to watch George Lopez golf on TV just kill me and put me out of my misery.

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The 2006 PGA Tour season is over. Are you interested or will you watch any off season golf events?

3 responses to “Do any of the off season events interest you?”

  1. Miranda says:

    I’m not desperate enough to watch the Big Break. And the 2006 season may be over in America, but the 2007 season is just starting in Europe 🙂

  2. Golf by the Cupful says:

    You made me laugh. No, I’m not too interested in wathching George Lopez do much of anything, much less play golf. Having said that, though, I have a feeling I’ll be in need of some golf watching before long, and will end up watching anything that resembles someone swinging a stick.

    Some of the pro-ams are interesting, if for nothing else to watch the pros try to keep their heads from exploding playing with all those yahoos; and to watch the amateurs assume all the pro nuances, and attempt to look cool.

    I just found your blog today when I searched on ‘golf blogs.’ Several seemed interesting, so I’ve saved to my list of favorites. I have been doing a blog myself since late September. Come on over and check me out sometime when you have a moment or two. Hope you don’t mind me putting in a small word for my site. I couldn’t find anyone in my area doing a golf blog, so went searching for how to get one going, and there I am:

    You’re always welcome.

  3. Cal says:

    Don’t forget the Australian season is starting too. Mind you with only 3 ‘major’ tournaments it isn’t going to last long…





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