All of Daly’s X’s have Rolexes. Add another one.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 8th, 2006
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My good buddy John Daly just finished the PGA Tour season at 193rd on the money list. His tour card isn’t the only thing he’ll be losing. He and his current wife have filed for a divorce.

Add another verse to his terrible song “All my X’s have Rolexes.”

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2 responses to “All of Daly’s X’s have Rolexes. Add another one.”

  1. Scruffy says:

    I hope John will be able to take advantage of the sponsor exemptions he will be offered, and get his game back on track. He has tremendous talant, but for the past few years he has lost touch with the “burning” desire to be the best.

  2. Golf by the Cupful says:

    Didn’t the current Mrs. Daly get in some trouble recently, money laundering or something like that? Am I getting that mixed up with someone else? Personally, I find Daly very interesting – flawed a tad, but an interesting player to watch. Maybe it’s that ‘can’t help watching an accident’ thing. Seems that ‘stuff’ just naturally follows Big John around. At any moment he could explode and get wacky. But, there is this thing about him and makes it impossible not to pull for him. We just know that one day he’ll get his act together and keep his head on straight, long enough to get on a streak.

    As for his divorce – it’s too bad. We keep pulling for him to find a good woman – or even not so good, if that’s his cup of tea – and settle down.