Pictures of the new Titleist 907D1 and 907D2

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, October 28th, 2006
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Titleist 907 D2Titleist 907 D1

Here are a couple of pictures of Titleist 907D prototypes. Usually Titleist has a regular face and a deep face model. I’m guessing the more rounded one is the deep faced.

More info when I dig it up.

4 responses to “Pictures of the new Titleist 907D1 and 907D2”

  1. […] ew Titleist 907D prototypes. Looks like Titleist has succumb to the sumo pressure… Read More

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  2. Titleist907D4 says:

    The new Titleist Prototypes are: Titleist 907D1, Titleist 907D2 (pictured, without loft visible), Titleist 907D2 (not pictured, with loft visible), and the Titleist 907D4 (425cc)

  3. The Shanker says:

    I have just received the Titleist e-news that is specifically promoting these drivers.

    There are several video clips of the staff tour players, (the Big Easy is conspicuous by his abscence!). There are only two are immediately identifiable and that is Adam Scott and Brad Faxon, all the others with a couple of exceptions are really only journeymen. There are no Major winners amongst them as far as I am aware.

    This is the big thing – in their comments, none of them seem to be over enthusiastic about either of the drivers. They seem to be reading off idiot cards, none of their comments seem to be “from the heart”.

    I don’t like to pre-judge because I have been happy with every Titleist diriver I have had but I’ve got a gut feeling that the new drivers are going not going to hit the mark and and they are going to fail big time.

    Any body else with a comment?

  4. Double Gee says:

    OK -I have been for a custom fit with Titleist. Without doubt the D1 is long… extrememly long ang more importantly, very forgiving.
    I am 10 h/c in UK and have been using a Ping Rapture fitted with an Accra shaft. For all the hype the rapture head, i found it to be quite disappointing – certainly nothing ‘zinging’ of the sweet spot.

    My first round with the D1 (nvs stiff shaft, 9.5 head) had my Bridgestone ball consistently 15 to 25 yards passed the rapture.-also, MISS-HITS SHOWED NO LOSS AND WENT STRAIGHTER TOO.
    I am not a long hitter by any means, but to increase drives from 230 yards on to 250yds is a big plus in my book.

    I’m not bothered who uses it on the Tour circuit as their game is so far away from mine… it is not worth comparing – but for me, the D1 is all that I can ask for.





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