Hubba hubba. Natalie Gulbis 2007 Calendar

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, October 22nd, 2006
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Natalie GulbisStopped by the Golf Babes Blog and saw this post on the new Natalie Gulbis 2007 calendar. Hmmm with all the talk about how the LPGA can sell more tix and generate more revenue I can’t help thinking this is one avenue. Oh but then again I don’t think the general public would want to see all of the LPGA players in sexy skimpy bikinis…

Doing this post made me decide to check out Natlie’s site since I probably haven’t been there since the 2006 calendar came out. Yes, just like last year it looks cool but has way too much flash animation.

It’s interesting to see what search terms people use to find posts. “Natalie Gulbis Nude” or “Natalie Gulbis Naked” or “Tiger Woods’ wife Elin naked” etc. There are some sick puppies out there. If I wanted to get a bunch more traffic I guess I’d post those terms… Oh, wait a sec… I just did hehe. 😉

I’ll have to put a list together of some of the really bizarre search terms one of these days for some pure entertainment.

UPDATE: I just went back to the Golf Babes Blog. Heh, I couldn’t resist I guess. I’m looking at these beautiful women and thinking to myself “where the hell are these women when I’m golfing?” They’re not on the course. The only scantily clad people I see on the course are guys like this:

Nice reverse pivot. Now put your shirt on you moron…

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