A WALK IN THE PARK takes a walk and parks in a new spot

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006
Categories: Golf MediaSite News

My good buddy Jay Flemma has been golf blogging since November 17, 2004. His golf blog is called “A Walk In The Park” and it covers course reviews, course design, interviews, photos and a player’s guide to the country’s greatest golf values.

Jay’s been on Blogger since day one but has now moved to new and better digs. I helped him get his new blog up and running in a subdomain of The Golf Space. Jay’s new site will have new features which he couldn’t get happening on Blogger such as better links with link categories, and post categories. My personal Jay category favorite is “Chumps, Lunkheads, Dingbats.”

Update your blogrolls!

Jay’s new URL is http://jayflemma.thegolfspace.com. Update your blogroll now before you forget. If you do accidentally go to his old site you’ll be automatically forwarded to his new one but it’s still better to update it so the web crawlers will get used to his new URL.

2 responses to “A WALK IN THE PARK takes a walk and parks in a new spot”

  1. jaygolfusa says:

    I am quite thrilled to be here. Tony does a terrific job hosting and wordpress is working out well. Yes, “Chumps, Lunkheads, Dingbats” takes a look at the Tales From the Weird and surreal, but also don’t miss another of my personal favoriies, “Memo From the Sports Desk.”

    The interface works as well as I had ever dreamed. have a great time everybody.

  2. Harkov says:

    Love the new site Jay, nice work guys! Though, one thing, it doesn’t seem to let you drop comments 🙂 Something about having to be logged in.