The Golf Space hits 1000 member milestone

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, October 1st, 2006
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As many of you know, my “other” big golf site is The Golf Space at The Golf Space is a networking site designed from the ground up specifically for golf. Some are calling it “myspace for golfers.” You can read more about TGS here and here.

Golf Space Profile Example

1000 Members

A couple of days ago The Golf Space reached a big milestone, 1000 members! I’m proud and happy to see TGS growing and becoming a popular (and FREE) golf networking resource.

234,000+ Visitors

Along with the member milestone, the visitor count is up to over 234,000. Counting “hits” would be ridiculous as it would be in the millions…

A few of the activities you can participate in at TGS include:

# Social networking: friends, business, golf courses
# Detailed user profiles
# User photo galleries
# Personal blogs
# Golf score keeper
# Golf statistics suite
# Personal messages
# User submitted links
# CHAT room
# Forum
# Matchmaker
# Advanced user search
# Personal RSS Feeds
# Individual user URL’s
# 100% FREE!
# No ads

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