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The Shoe Tool Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, September 29th, 2006
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Ya gotta love golf. There are so many gadgets. Just when you think there can’t be anything new introduced someone comes up with something like The Shoe Tool.

I’m not a big soft spikes fan. I loved the steel spikes. The soft spikes and crazy shoe bottom designs these days have lots of surfaces, holes, teeth (or whatever you want to call them) that pick up tons of debris. The complex shoe bottoms these days can be completely caked with mud, dirt, grass clippings. When all of this debris is on the bottom of my shoes I lose my footing, causing my normally accurate driver to go just about anywhere but down the middle.

The Shoe Tool is a small device which can clamp onto your golf bag or cart or even fit in your back pocket. It looks like a tiny little garden rake, but the teeth of the rake are much stronger. You can get all the debris off your soles in a few seconds. You’ll be able to swing with confidence that your feet won’t slip and you’ll be able to walk indoors or onto the putting green without tracking unwanted materials.


Shoe Tools can be great promotional items for your business. You can have your logo printed on the grip and hand them out for promotion or tee prizes etc.


The grip of the Shoe Tool is available in eight colors and the rake portion seven colors. You can even mix colors between the grip and the rake.


The Shoe Tool has a permanent home along side my towels on my golf bag. I can easily grab it and quickly clean my spikes to insure I have solid footing. Fall is on the way, bringing wet ground and lots of leaves. My shoe tool will be working overtime. While my opponents will be slipping all over the place and hitting errant shots, I’ll be striping it with solid footing and collecting the bets at the end of the round as a result.

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