Michelle misses the cut by a Wie 14 shots

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, September 16th, 2006
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Michelle Wie simply does not have the game to compete on the PGA Tour. She finished dead last at the 84 Lumber agaist one of the weakest fields of the entire PGA Tour season. She missed the cut by 14 shots. After day one, she was 11 shots behind the leader. After day two she was 23 shots behind the leader.

I’ve been saying this for over a year now. It’s time Wie focused on the LPGA. It’s time Wie put her PGA dreams, Masters aspirations and whatever other fantasies her bonehead crew are brainwashing her with to bed. It’s not going to happen any time soon Michelle and your “it just wasn’t my day” comments don’t cut it. “It’s just not my league” would be more like it.

Jay Flemma has posted a great opinion on this same subject and I couldn’t agree more with him. Check out “What planet are Wie on?”

Here are some interesting quotes:

“She’s certainly not scaring anybody around here.” ~Scott Verplank

“She keeps talking a good game when opposing the guys, but keeps playing a mediocre one. No wonder some of the PGA Tour players, polite and patient with her until now, are questioning what she’s doing playing against men when she doesn’t have the game for it.” ~AP

“Michele’s failures in the PGA tour events aren’t so much about her being female as they are about her lacking experience. However, her performance to date definitely indicates that her presence there in the first place has everything to do with that “novelty” aspect which is gender related. It’s becoming embarassing. Maybe they should start a “teen phenom” tour and have all the best boys and girls compete against one another. Then she could gain the experience she needs without having to accept all the sponsors’ exemptions and the boys would have a shot as well since they’re not getting those now. She does need to play more than the LPGA is currently allowing before she can get her card, I just don’t think it should be with proven players on the PGA when many mini-tour players could kick her ass. I think her ambitions are terrific and she should stick to them, but she needs a better path and better representation in order to get there instead of being a cash cow.” ~Golf Chick

“Michelle is not ready to compete against the men on a regular basis, yet she is repeatedly given canned, ready made excuses that are supposed to convince us otherwise. Despite harsh reality, her handlers and enablers are still feeding false hope to this young woman and cashing in on her failed dreams.” ~Jay Flemma

Michelle Wie did place in the top five in several categories in the 84 lumber:

#1 in total bogeys.
#3 in total putts per round (which isn’t good).
#4 in average putts per GIR (which isn’t good).

More stats… Keep in mind the field is 144 players BUT 10 players withdrew. So essentially the field is 134. Any stats which Wie is in the 130+ range is essentially finishing at or near dead last:

Statistic Round 1 Round 2     Overall Rank
Total Eagles 0 0 0 30
Total Birdies 0 1 1 136
Total Pars 13 8 21 109
Total Bogeys 5 8 13 1
Total Double Bogeys 0 1 1 34
Other scores 0 0 0 15
Penalties 0 1 1 44
Driving Distance 274.6 252.5 263.6 124
Fairways hit 11 10 21 92
Fairway Opportunities 14 14 28 82
Longest drive 286 285 286 138
Greens in reg 11 9 20 113
GIR opportunities 18 18 36 82
Sand saves 0 0 47
SS opportunities 1 1 45
Avg Putts per GIR 2.091 2.000 2.050 4
Total Putts Per GIR 23 18 41 102
Total Putts Per Rd 34.00 33.00 33.50 3

I say we bloggers start a grass roots movement to boycott all Wie articles until she WINS something… ANYTHING… a game of checkers perhaps? Maybe the fad will catch on and the big boys will realize they’re giving a ton of air time to a NON story.

One response to “Michelle misses the cut by a Wie 14 shots”

  1. myrtlebeachchef says:

    She should just come to Myrtle Beach, escape the relentless spotlight, play, learn, relax, and grow up. Until then, I agree with the boycott. Poor kid!





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